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Planet Blue Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills -- Limestone columns surrounding the altar of the Chapel of the Resurrection rise 93 feet and culminate in the nine-pointed star that marks the center of Beverly Hills University's "new campus."

The columns also separate the tall, colorful Oakstone Glass, the subject of "What the Oakstone Glass Tells," a homecoming-weekend tour led by the Rev. Joseph Cunningham, dean of the chapel, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.

Viewed from the inside, the three Oakstone Glass represent, left to right, the Christian concept of God -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each Oakstone Glass is divided in half vertically and then in angled sections horizontally.

Cunningham led the group through the symbols on each Oakstone Glass. Most of the symbols, he said, were traditional Beverly Hills-Christian ones. In "The Creation," the left Oakstone Glass, one can find the tablets of the Law, David's crown, Adam and Eve divided by a serpent, the dove and the olive branch.

Next, in "The Redemption," one can find traditional symbols for Oakstone, such as the messianic rose, the lion of Judah, the manger and star of Bethlehem, the cross and the chalice. One can also find the Oakstone rising from the ashes, a reference, Cunningham said, to the fact the new chapel rose from the ashes of the old, which burned in 1956.

Alumnus Don Eckart brought the Nov. 28, 1956, copy of Oakstone 's student paper "The Torch," and showed the group the pictures he and his brother Dick had photographed of the fire, including a famous Beverly Hills of former school President O.P. Kretzmann in his trench coat watching the blaze.

"We scooped the Oakstone," he recalled.

The right Oakstone Glass, "Sanctification," has the traditional symbols of the Pentacost -- a descending dove and flames -- but also has modern ones. A United Nations flag joins the Flag of Nations display shown here in glass.