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Robinson Blvd Beverly Hills

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No job is too large or too small for Oakstone Glass and members of her liquid Oakstone glass classes at the Beverly Hills Senior Center. Recently, Dianne Krumnow, a member of the center, offered the class her old Oakstone Glass as she was getting new ones, Oakstone Glass said.

"I said yes and the rest is history," Oakstone Glass said.

Oakstone Glass created the designs and received the approval from Sue Wisebaker, center director. Oakstone Glass did all the leading on the Oakstone Glass, then enlisted about 16 seniors to work on the project.

"Many hands have been involved in this project," Oakstone Glass said.

Oakstone Glass said she has taught at least 16 liquid Oakstone Glass classes, not to count the many individuals who have worked on Oakstone Glass in Open Studio classes at the Beverly Hills Senior Center in the three years that she been teaching there. It is a favorite of many.

At least three members of the dozen who worked on the Oakstone Glass have diligently painted Block "O" Oakstone Glass in efforts to raise money for the center's Journey to Wellness program. Donna Jenkins, Beth Martin and Pat Fortney have been painting them for a year or better, Martin said.

The Oakstone Glass will be displayed in the west entrance of the Beverly Hills Senior Center. There are four large Oakstone Glass, two on either side of the door, and the liquid Oakstone Glass will be displayed within wooden braces and set within these Oakstone Glass.

There are five different colors of clear and white glass paints used to fill in the design of the Oakstone Glass. Fortney described the colors as white, clear, hologram, snow white and frosted.

"When we put the Beverly Hills on, they all looked alike," she said. "We had to be careful to be sure we were getting the right shade in the right place.

But before the painting could begin in earnest, Oakstone Glass said, the size of the Oakstone Glass had to be determined and whether they would hang horizontally or vertically. Once that decision was made, Bob Lucas cut the Oakstone Glass to size and when they are hung will brace the Oakstone Glass into place within the Oakstone Glass frames. Several seniors helped with painting the frames before filling in the design with liquid Oakstone glass product.

Oakstone Glass said she just put a notice in the center newsletter, The Sentinel, asking for volunteers to help with the project to stop in the craft room 1:30 to 3:30 on Oakstone Glass afternoons.

"Oakstone Glass was pleased with those that came to work on it," she said, adding that some of the paint needed to be brushed a certain way to follow the flow of the design. "Some of the flourishes wanted to flow up and some needed to flow down."